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The end of another great year!

As we near the end of another great season at Cas Fiols, we just wanted to thank everyone who stayed with us. It was wonderful to have so many of you back again. You all truly keep this place going. We are alway grateful to have such wonderful guests and look forward...

August Fiesta in Soller

My personal favorite fiesta is the Fire Fiesta. It takes place in late August and celebrates the patron saint of Soller, Saint Bartholomew. A group called the Esclatabutzes puts on an incredible show that, quite literally, happens all around you. The "correfoc" or...

May Fiesta in Soller

This celebration is held to commemorate the victory of the locals against the Moorish invaders that took place on May 11, 1561. It is a 2-part fiesta beginning in the port. The locals dress up as Moors and Christians and the Moors come in on boats and have a "fight"...

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